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Our coalition with the support of Oceans 5, is working together to secure CITES listings for shark and ray species at the 16th Conference of Parties in March 2013.


Historic Shark Decisions Survive Final Threat at CITES Plenary

Five commercially valuable shark species, manta rays & freshwater sawfish listed

CITES plenary today accepted Committee recommendations to list five species of highly traded sharks under the CITES Appendices, along with those for the listing of both manta rays and one species of sawfish. Japan, backed by Gambia and India, unsuccessfully challenged the Committee decision to list the oceanic whitetip shark, while Grenada and China failed in an attempt to reopen debate on listing three hammerhead species. Colombia, Senegal, Mexico and others took the floor to defend Committee decisions to list sharks.

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Sharks & CITES, the morning after: What went right and what happens next?

Media Advisory

Yesterday was indeed a historic day for sharks and rays with CITES listing proposals for eight species receiving more than the required two-thirds majority needed for adoption. This was a major milestone in the journey towards the final adoption of these vital international trade controls, to be decided in the final CITES plenary session on Thursday this week.

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Sawfish and Mantas Follow Sharks on CITES Agenda, Receive Overwhelming Support

Proposals to list close relatives of sharks also advance on historic day at COP

Bangkok, 11 March 2013. Following on the heels of unprecedented Committee votes to control international trade in commercially valuable sharks, Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) went on to adopt proposals to list three species of closely related rays by even wider margins.

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Shark Proposals Adopted at CITES Committee Meeting

Conservationists look to final plenary to cement positive yet tentative decisions

Bangkok, 11 March 2013. In a highly anticipated Committee vote today, proposals to list under CITES* five species of sharks were supported by more than the two-thirds majority of voting countries needed for adoption. Conservationists are pleased yet mindful that decisions must still be confirmed in the final plenary session later this week.

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Divers Increase Pressure for Shark and Ray Trade Protections Under CITES

Project AWARE, dive business owners and dive supporters united as the voice of the dive community in Bangkok, Thailand at the sixteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES (CITES CoP16). On 1 March, before the meeting opened, we made our message loud and clear — healthy shark and ray populations are priceless.

Debate Over Global Shark and Ray Trade Heats Up

Thailand signals opposition to CITES listings while Senegal proclaims support

Bangkok, March 6, 2013. Debate is heating up on proposed protections for sharks and rays at a major global trade meeting. Shark conservation experts have united to urge governments to vote in favour of the measures and thereby ensure the survival of the threatened species. Roughly 150 of the 178 governments that are party to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) are expected to vote on these proposals over the coming days. Read more

Celebrate sharks with us at CITES CoP16

Please join us in celebrating sharks and rays during an evening of food, drinks and great conversations.